March 24, 2023
wide hips

Legs too short, chest too small, belly not flat enough… To the long list of feminine complexes we add our stone to the building:wide hips. Whether you are slender or round, prominent hips are sometimes a problem when dressing because many brands design their clothes on rather skinny models. Result, even to find the right coat is sometimes a test worthy of Kohl Anta.

wide hips

Fortunately, Sty light has asked the question for you and has finally found the right coats to wear when you have wide hips.

1. The biker jacket

In smooth leather or shear ling, the biker jacket is one of the most precious allies for girls with wide hips. It is chosen short to reach waist level, structure the silhouette and let the hips breathe, which appear more feminine than ever. Don’t be afraid to show them off! We combine the leather jacket with pants or a high-waisted skirt to sculpt the hourglass shape.

wide hips

2. The short puffer jacket

In the same way as the perfecto, the short down jacket structures the silhouette. This time, the wide hips go unnoticed, imitated by the volume of the down jacket which balances everything and gives a slender impression. Wear the cropped quilted jacket with mom jeans for a total 1980s look!

wide hips

3. The belted coat

To highlight your hourglass figure, nothing better than a belted coat. Like the wrap dress, it retains your career, highlights the neckline, refines the waist and falls elegantly on the hips and thighs. This is THE centerpiece of your winter!

wide hips

4. one-button blazer

Looking for a jacket for wide hips to wear to the office? Leave the double-breasted models in the wardrobe and prefer single-breasted blazers and a straight cut that elongates the silhouette. This type of jacket hides the critical points and is elegant in all circumstances.

wide hips

5. The classic black coat

The black coat? We are always up for this iconic model. Among the classic long jackets to always have in your wardrobe, the black coat with a straight cut is our favorite. Go long in the foot this season for the latest fashion. It gives the silhouette a slight androgynous effect that you never tire of.

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