March 31, 2023


why does my stomach hurt in the morning Even if the best solution to not feel bad is not to drink alcohol, there are nevertheless tips to fend off the nausea and headaches associated with an excessively alcoholic evening. Explanations.why does my stomach hurt in the morning

1. Stock up on vitamins

The biggest misconception of the hangover is to think, wrongly, that it is only based on a problem of dehydration. But it turns out that it is also caused by oxidative stress. The solution? Stock up on vitamin-rich antioxidant foods such as dragon fruit or pomegranate to lessen alcohol-related damage. A good excuse to sip a cold smoothie before going to party!

2. Try homeopathy

To avoid the inconvenience of an excess of alcohol, turn to homeopathy. Indeed, certain plants can sometimes improve digestion and relieve the feeling of an overfull stomach. The right prescription? Aux Vomica 9CH. Take 3 granules to let melt under the tongue 30 minutes before the start of the meal for prevention or after the meal for healing. You can take it 3 times a day until the symptoms improve.

3. Drink plenty of water

A simple gesture that prevents dehydration of the body caused by alcohol consumption. Indeed, it is the excessive loss of water that can cause headaches, pain in the back and neck or even fatigue! In practice: you must drink before, during and after meals to limit the harmful effects of alcohol. You should ideally drink at least 2 liters of water in its most classic form or else thanks to herbal teas, soups, broths or even watermelon water, perfect for eliminating, in passing, cellulite !

4. Don’t skip the food space

Are you getting ready for dinner before going to the party? You are completely right! Drinking on an empty stomach is out of the question. The right compromise? Do not eat too fat or too light. Just right. And for that, the good trick is to eat a meal containing some fat, carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins before taking your first sip of alcohol. Above all, do not skip the fat! They are essential to slow the effects of alcohol and protect the digestive tract from inflammation.

5. The banana, your best ally

Rich in potassium, bananas are a good way to avoid a hangover. Why ? It’s simple: alcohol being a diuretic, we quickly tend to urinate more often in the evening. But when you urinate a lot, you lose more potassium than usual. This drop in potassium then causes nausea and weakness. To prevent it, nothing like biting into a banana!


6. Don’t skip sleep

It might seem pretty obvious, but most people don’t get enough sleep. Sure, sleep won’t save you from a hangover, but it will improve your immunity to alcohol.

while you drink

7. Avoid hard liquor in the early evening

To avoid nausea and headaches the next day, it is better to avoid strong alcohol (over 40°C) at the start of a meal because they promote rapid intoxication. In practice: avoid whiskey or ricard and prefer champagne, wine or beer whose values ​​are average. Anyway, it is recommended not to exceed 2-3 glasses of alcohol per day.

8. Alternate glass of alcohol and glass of water

After each glass of alcohol, drink a large glass of water. In addition to hydrating you, water will decrease your desire to drink alcohol.

9.Do not mix alcohols

There are different dosages of alcohol depending on the drink, the more you mix, the more the degree of alcohol increases. In practice, you can drink an aperitif then stay with wine until the end of the meal. In addition, choose good quality alcohols that are filtered to remove impurities and toxins, and therefore to make your hangover less severe. This tip is also a good idea for drinking less: indeed, you will savor more and consume less excessively a product that you have paid dearly for.

Before to sleep

10. Put on a sleeping mask

why does my stomach hurt in the morning While sleep deprivation won’t cause a hangover, it can make it worse if it’s already set in. To sleep like a baby with quality sleep, don’t risk waking up after sunrise with a mask that will keep the light out of your eyes.

The next day

11. Say yes to essential oils

And especially rosemary oil or peppermint oil. Their active ingredients decongest the liver, stimulate its activity and detoxify the body. A perfect cocktail for the aftermath of the party! In practice: place 1 drop of pure peppermint essential oil directly under the tongue and apply 1 drop on the temple, then massage slowly where it hurts. Or opt for rosemary by putting a teaspoon of rosemary leaves in a bowl of hot water and letting it steep for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink three cups a day until your symptoms resolve.

12. Take an Ibuprofen

Anti-inflammatories (which contain ibuprofen) directly attack the inflammation caused by alcohol. Be careful, however, to respect the dosage indicated on the instructions.

13. Eat Eggs

Good news if you love eggs: they’re high in cysteine, an amino acid that helps break down toxins that cause headaches from too much alcohol. If you don’t know what to eat after a drunken party, bet on scrambled or poached eggs!

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