April 1, 2023

Even if you wouldn’t think so, genital piercings are on this list! Apparently these really don’t hurt much in women. You will undoubtedly experience a pinching sensation, but that is normal with a piercing. With the man it is a different story. These types of piercings can be really painful for men.

Dermal piercings:

Dermal piercings don’t hurt much either. A  dermal  is a piercing that you can place anywhere on your body. They are small implants that stay in place very easily thanks to a super small anchorage. Some popular places are: the wrist, neck, center of the lower lip and on the cheekbones.


Tongue piercing:

A tongue piercing also hurts surprisingly little. The tongue is a sponge and the piercing needle sinks through it very easily. The tongue consists of 2 muscles and when you tense it due to stress, they move towards each other and this piercing can hurt a bit. So no stress and relax!


Nose piercing:

A regular nose piercing can hurt, but a septum wo n’t. This piercing goes through a membrane, and not through cartilage as many may think. Because the piercing goes through a membrane, you hardly feel it.


Belly button piercing:

Last on the painless list is a belly button piercing . When this piercing is placed with the help of a tank, it can be quite painful. You can avoid this by going to a professional piercer. At Inksane we do not use a clamp and we use the correct technique so that this piercing feels almost painless.


How can your piercing reduce pain?

Unfortunately, there are no products on the market that will reduce the pain of piercing. Damn it! We recommend that you do not use any form of numbing cream. This ointment will make the skin very plasticy and that is not optimal to work on. If we see that numbing cream has been used after all, we will unfortunately have to reschedule your appointment.


The best thing you can do is just relax and come to your appointment relaxed. At Inksane, our piercers are part of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers). They are each masters of their craft and will do their very best to make the experience as painless as possible.

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