March 30, 2023

Tongue piercing:

A lot has happened in the piercing industry in recent years. In addition to proven classics such as the navel, nose or eyebrow piercing, there are now also new and extremely special piercings that are really new and do not always stand out at a glance.




One piercing that had its absolute trend peak in the 1990s, but is still one of the most popular piercing types, is the tongue piercing . As the name implies, tongue piercing is a body jewel in the tongue.

But not all tongue piercings are created equal. We’ll show you the different variants, the risks involved, and what else you need to know before doing it.


Did you know? Often especially among adults, who were certainly not used to this fashion , the piercings are combined with tatuaggi . These are, of course, very different tendencies, but in either case, you need to have different information before proceeding to permanently alter any part of your body.

Before you know everything about smiley piercing step by step, watch this short video everything you need to know before getting them tattooed .

Tongue piercing: the different possible types:

Almost everyone is familiar with the classic tongue piercing, which is located in the center of the muscle. But did you know that there are countless places on the tongue that can be pierced? Here are the different variations:


Classic Tongue Piercing

The most famous tongue piercing is a piercing that sits vertically in the middle of the tongue. Usually a bar with a ball (barbell), which has a length of about 16 mm and a bar thickness of 1.2 to 1.6 mm, is used as jewelry.

Venom piercing

If a simple tongue piercing is too boring for you, you can wear multiple piercings side by side or in succession. The so-called poison piercing it is a double piercing, in which one on the right and one on the left is placed vertically over the tongue muscle.

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