March 30, 2023

Uber Technologies Inc., which develops taxi dispatch services using smartphone apps, will start offering “Uber Freight,” a truck freight transport version of this service, on the 18th (19th Japan time). Announced that it was done.


Like the taxi dispatch version, Uber Freight is a mechanism that matches the luggage you want to carry with the shipping company or truck driver through apps such as smartphones and tablets equipped with iOS and Android OS, and within a few seconds when you touch the reservation button on the app. The fare rate will be displayed, and if you actually make a reservation, you will proceed with the procedure.

It can also be used by shipping companies and truck drivers as shippers, so Uber Freight explains that it has the “effect of leveling the load on truck drivers.”


It generally takes more than 30 days for a US truck driver to receive a reward (fare), but by using this service, the driver can receive it within “a few days”. An additional charge is also specified for “unexpected cases” such as waiting time for cargo.


The above is an overview of the services that Uber has been working on over the years with the aim of getting the company involved in the freight transport field. It’s easy to understand, has a simple and clean design, and is as easy to use as a taxi dispatch service, but in terms of functionality, it doesn’t seem to be as sophisticated as the technologies and services offered by other start-ups.

In fact, Uber’s appeal point is not “high functionality” but usability because “Simple booking, faster pay” is the catchphrase in videos and websites that appeal to the start of the service. You can see that it is placed in terms of goodness and shortening of long payment sites.

How will It Help to Improve:

It will help to improve the “US-specific situation” that many drivers do not belong to a transportation company and are active as sole proprietors. In Japan, light cargo has a similar business environment, but in principle, all drivers belong to a transportation In short, it can be said that it is “for drivers” rather than “service for customers” . It is difficult for drivers to introduce it as it is at present. ..


However, the service has just started, and taxi dispatch did not comply with domestic regulations at the beginning, and most of the people pointed out that it could not be used as it is, but in reality it adapted relatively quickly. Is open in Japan From here, Uber’s new challenge will be watched as to what kind of development will be shown and the service will be expanded outside the Un

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