March 30, 2023

Natural ingredient with soothing and emollient efficacy, Vaseline has numerous uses. In addition to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, it is also used in the kitchen in the form of oil.Is vaseline good for your lips

White Vaseline  is an odorless and colorless ointment made from the residues of petroleum distillation. It appears as a compound with an oily and waxy or gelatinous consistency. In the version available in pharmacies, it is safe for health and can also be used in a versatile way for domestic purposes.


Also known as petrolatum or petroleum gel, it occurs as a gel-like substance. It can be applied in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and even food fields.


Vaseline what it is for

The usefulness of this natural product is linked to its emollient, soothing, moisturizing and lubricating properties. This natural ingredient, free of chemicals and preservatives, is found in many creams , lipsticks, cleansing, skincare and shaving products.

In the INCI of cosmetics we find it indicated as petrolatum . It also has numerous applications also in fields other than cosmetics, such as pharmaceuticals and food.

Uses of Vaseline:

The uses of this natural product are many and concern both cosmetic applications and food consumption. Among the most widespread uses there is also the pharmaceutical one.


Food petroleum jelly

In its highly purified version, white oil or liquid paraffin can also be used for food purposes.


Vaseline oil

For food use, this oil must always be consumed raw. In fact, subjected to cooking , it can lead to contraindications and possible toxic effects .

Cosmetic petroleum jelly

The most common application is the cosmetic one. It is used as a lip balm , as a moisturizer or to treat hair with dry ends. It also represents a valid remedy against dye stains used for hair . It can therefore be applied along the hairline so as not to stain the skin. In the same way it can also be used on the edges of the nails before applying the polish.

Vaseline cream

Find space in the cosmetic field to ensure the beauty of the epidermis. By applying this ointment on the eyelashes you have the possibility to make them thicker and strengthened.

This product is a useful natural remedy to make the cuticles healthier and softer thus strengthening the nails .

Vaseline for wrinkles

It can be used as an anti-wrinkle cream thanks to the antioxidant action it is able to exert. In this case it is preferable to opt for the vegetable version, ich in vitamins A and E.

Applying a small amount on the affected part of the skin, both on the face and on the neck, helps to increase its elasticity and firmness.

Vaseline for the feet

In case of dry and cracked feet , it can be applied to soften the skin and make it more hydrated. It is also a natural remedy useful in the presence of corns and facilitates the elimination of dead cells.

Vaseline grease

Another possible use is that of fat obtained from petrolatum. It is mainly used for its lubricating effectiveness for locks, shutters or hinges. It can also be used to preserve leather or hide fabrics, thus making them softer or more flexible.

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