March 27, 2023

Piercing Navel: The navel piercing remains one of the most popular piercings in particular by the female gender, let’s find out more

Types of Navel Piercing – piercing roma

NAVEL: the navel is the classic navel piercing that we are used to know more or less everyone. The upper part of the navel is pierced vertically;


the opposite piercing, the lower part of the navel is therefore pierced, always vertically;


pierces both the upper and lower part of the navel;


it is a piercing that is performed as the word says horizontally with respect to the navel with double hole;

Finally, if we remain on the theme of the different types, we would not be able to use a single article to list the different forms of applicable jewelry: banana in medical grade surgical steel, in titanium, Teflon and diablack, or with zircons set , in addition to the brand new clip headbands.


How to do a navel piercing?

To safely carry out the navel piercing, the professional you will rely on will have to disinfect the area, then marking the point where he will have to insert the needle, he will proceed with the clamping: that is to say the blocking of the skin using a surgical forceps that will be then pierced by a 16 mm hollow cannula needle. After removing the cannula needle, he will insert the piercing with the metal ball and screw on the other ball.

It is one of the least painful of all piercings that can be made

Navel piercing: at the Tribal Tattoo Studio we have been performing this type of piercing for 30 years, using jewels in medical grade surgical steel, teflon, titanium or bioplastic, all biocompatible materials and certified in compliance with the UNI EN 1811: 2011 standard.

All piercing materials are sterile. – piercig rome

We also have a wide selection of piercing jewelry, for any type of hole you want:

navel piercing (navel), nasal septum piercing (septum), tongue piercing (tongue), nipple piercing (nipple), piercing lip (labret), nostril piercing (nostril), ear lobe piercing (lobe), piercing of the various ear cartilages (helix, tragus, conch, daith, industrial, rook, snug), eyebrow piercing (eyebrow), microdermal and surface.

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