March 27, 2023

The red dress is as evergreen as the little black dress. It is the highlight of the red carpet. He is number one at elegant Oscar gala and glamorous fashion shows. It is impossible to make a faux pas with a red outfit, but it is important to know which accessories to match your red dress boutique to avoid overdoing it. Here are my proposals!

The advantage of red is its versatility. This color goes perfectly with both silver and gold.

Accessories for red dress

Gold jewelry:

Red and gold are the best example of how beautiful and elegant color combinations can be. This classic and timeless duo is considered to be one of the most noble, chic and attractive color combinations there is. Yellow gold should be worn with light red, while coppery gold should be paired with darker red or burgundy dresses.

In the spirit of current street fashion trends we focus on loose dresses in a minimalist style and pay particular attention to the material. This is how famous French fashionistas walk the streets of Paris. What accessories do Parisian women choose to complete the red dress? Those in gold , delicate and at the same time glamorous. Small hoop earrings, a chain on the wrist, a celebrity necklace, refined glasses and a basket bag: this is the quintessence of minimalism and Parisian chic.

Silver jewelry:

Are you a fan of silver? Silver jewelry also goes with red just as well as gold. It all depends on your personal taste – if you prefer silver accessories for the red dress, be inspired by Alexandra Lapp ‘s outfit. The fashionista is really impressive in classic red. Despite being a complete total look (dress, lips and shoes), Alexandra looks elegant and chic. Her neck di lei is embellished with large silver pearls and her Dior bag di lei goes perfectly with the jewelry thanks to the silver elements.

Pink and red?

While we still have doubts about this color combination, fashion influencers and stylists continue to convince us that it is very apt. Once considered a forbidden duo, pink and red are much desired in the fashion world today. Laura Eguizabal chooses pink accessories for her red dress by lei. This trendsetter is not afraid of bright shades. She pairs her dress in bright red, tending to orange, with a pink bag with a gold chain. At her feet di lei he wears a pair of classic black stiletto shoes that tone down.

Accessories to combine with a red dress for a wedding guest


Red outfits are a fairly popular choice for wedding guests or bridesmaids. When choosing the dress for an official event such as a wedding, be careful not to overdo the jewelry. Sometimes the absence of jewelry can also be a strength. Barbara Palvin proves it . The model is wearing a stunning strapless dress and her di lei only embellishments di lei are her make-up, red lips and neatly combed hair. Palvin doesn’t need any accessories for her red dress di lei. The neck and décolleté, highlighted, are enough to create a nice effect. Her look di lei is complemented by metallic open-toe high-heeled shoes, but in a subtle shade, so that the focus remains on Barbara’s phenomenal face di lei.

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