March 30, 2023


An ultrasound is an examination in which internal organs or tissues are visualized. For this, a device is used that emits and receives sound waves. The sound waves are converted into images and can be seen directly on a screen. This examination is always performed by a radiologist.


There are several leaflets about the echo .

Depending on the type of ultrasound that is done for you, you will receive the correct folder from the care provider.

What you can do in advance

If you are taking medication, you can take it as usual.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing on the day of the examination.


Ultrasound of the upper abdomen:

It is important for the examination of the upper abdomen that you are sober. This means that you should not eat or drink anything for four hours before the examination.

Ultrasound of the abdomen or kidneys:

For the examination of the abdomen or kidneys it is important that you have a reasonably full bladder. This is what you get if you urinate for the last time one hour before the start of the examination and drink half a liter of water immediately afterwards.

Ultrasound of the whole abdomen:

For this examination, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything for four hours before the examination. You will urinate for the last time one hour before the examination. Immediately afterwards you drink half a liter of water. This ensures that you have a full bladder during the examination.

Ultrasound to check aorta or other tissues:

No preparation is required for this ultrasound examination.

Ultrasound and a puncture:

No preparation is required for this examination. In addition to a normal ultrasound, you will also receive a puncture. Cells are aspirated with a thin needle. These cells are sent to the laboratory for research.

The ultrasound

The ultrasound assistant asks you to take off your clothes. Which clothes you should take off and what you can keep on depends on the part of the body that needs to be examined.

For an ultrasound of the abdomen, you can only keep your underpants and socks on.

You will lie on an examination table in the ultrasound room. A thick gel is applied to your skin. This gel is cold and sticky to the touch. The doctor moves over the gel with a so-called echo sensor. The echo sensor emits sound waves that are reflected by the organs and tissues. The sensor picks up these echoes and sends them to the computer, which creates an image of them.


The examination is painless and takes about 15 minutes. If you are assisted by a specialized laboratory technician, the examination may take a little longer.


After investigation

After the examination, the gel is wiped off. The gel that is left on the skin will not stain your clothes. The results of the examination will be sent to your general practitioner or specialist.


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