March 31, 2023
turtleneck dress

This summer, we talked about the floral dress , the bohemian, the short and sexy sundress… This winter, our must-have is the turtleneck dress. While the maxi jumper is wreaking havoc in our wardrobes, we go to the next level with this comforter version that protects us well from the cold. But once we’ve worn our   with boots, we quickly go in circles. Here are all our tips for re-appropriating the turtleneck  without redoing your entire wardrobe!

turtleneck dress

Army girl jumper dress

What if you turned into a kind of mix between Trinity from Matrix and Lara Croft? This is exactly the vibe given by the ultra sexy look of Caro Daur composed of a sleeveless turtleneck mini dress with her so trendy combat boots . You’ll be some kind of kick-ass baby doll ready to take on the world!

turtleneck dress

The long sweater dress with high boots

Who said that it was imperative to leave a space between your clothes and your shoes? Ashley Graham practices layering with her boots and her turtleneck sweater dress and we immediately adopt this ideal look for cold winter days!

turtleneck dress

The turtleneck sweater dress with colored boots

Got a ton of turtleneck sweater dresses but no more inspiration to wear them? Do like the it girl Aimée Song and opt for colorful boots that will immediately upgrade this classic and sober piece.

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