March 31, 2023
Tragus piercing

Tragus Piercing Pain:

This piercing must necessarily be made with a cannula needle and it is advisable – of course – to rely on expert hands to avoid errors and infections. Pain, as we always remember, is subjective, but we know that the piercing we are talking about can be one of the most annoying to endure.
The tragus piercing , in fact, is placed in an area rich in cartilage and therefore harder to pierce. For this reason, although it lasts a few seconds, it may be possible to feel some pain while making your piercing. But nothing that cannot be endured!

Tragus piercing



The tragus is one of the few piercings that do not risk rejecting its realization after a few months. Obviously, however, it is very important to take care of it in the best possible way in the first days so as to avoid incurring possible inflammation. For this reason the piercing in question has a potentially infinite duration.

Tragus piercing

For the care of your tragus piercing you could opt for both hydrogen peroxide and a cream with a little cortisone inside. Such as the Gentalyn Beta.
How much does the Tragus Piercing cost?
The price of this piercing is around 50 euros, but obviously the price is at the discretion of the artist who will practice the work.

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