April 1, 2023

Anyone trying to lose weight will envy someone who wants to weight gain progression. Eat as much as you want? That’s what I do it for, many dieters think. That jealousy is unjustified. Gaining often takes more effort than losing weight. You can be proud if you gain 1 kilo in 3 to 4 weeks.

10 tips to increase your appetite

If you want to weight gain progression, it can be tempting to focus on high-fat products. But also for someone who is too skinny, this kind of food is unhealthy.


These tips can help you increase your appetite:


Eat 3 times a day. Provide nutritious meals, with whole grain products, vegetables, sufficient proteins and healthy fats.

Grab a healthy snack more often.

Try to eat a total of 6 times a day.

Drink dairy drinks or smoothies. With this you easily get extra calories and proteins.

Provide variation in taste (sweet-savoury), in temperature (hot-cold), in color and in the choice of ingredients and preparation methods.

Don’t make your food and snacks too heavy and too greasy. Eating too much fat inhibits the appetite.

Fresh and sour things make you less hungry. Try it with a glass of fruit or tomato juice or an apple.

Take a cup of broth half an hour before your hot meal. That can trigger the appetite.

Get plenty of rest, relaxation and exercise.

Get a good basic stock of groceries at home, so that there is always something to eat, even for in between.

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