March 31, 2023
thigh high socks

Straight from the nineties, knee socks are back in fashion! thigh high socks – or knee – highs if you prefer – are the hottest accessory of the moment. Ever since Prada and Gucci brought sheer knee-highs to the catwalk, fashion influencers have wasted no time in clearing the classic high socks; not to mention stars like Olivia Culpo and Bella Hadid . In short, we have no more excuses: it’s time to dust them off from the bottom of our underwear drawers . How to wear high socks in a cool way right now? Just copy these looks from the different styles …

 thigh high socks

1. Grunge style Thigh high socks:

Bella Hadid teaches: a pair of black knee-highs is enough to recreate an original Nineties-style grunge look. A leather blazer and a pair of Dr. Martens make knee socks even more trendy.

2. Bon ton:

Heeled sandals, mini dress, chic jacket and… lurex knee socks.The style queenOlivia Culpo demonstrates with this outfit that you can be bon ton even in knee-highs: just combine these trendy socks in a retro glam key and opt for a pastel-colored look.

 thigh high socks

3. Mannish style thigh high socks:

The prevailing mannish trend authorizes us to show off knee socks with very high sandals and blazer dresses like Eleonora Carisi even during the day . If you prefer, you can add a pair of Bermuda shorts . How to wear high socks in a masculine way but still be sexy.

4. Preppy:

A reinterpretation of preppy style in a classy and chic key : an oversized sweater , a checked miniskirt , lace-ups and a pair of sheer knee socks are enough. To be copied immediately!

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