March 27, 2023
henna tattoo

The henna tattoo is a temporary herbal decoration that a woman wears on the skin, for a special occasion like a wedding or for her pleasur

henna tatto

What is the henna tattoo?

It is a design that is applied to the extremities (fingers, hands, feet, arms) often for religious reasons such as a wedding ceremony,but not only.A henna tattoo is a temporary decoration applied to the skin using henna paste.It is a natural dye composed of the powder of a plant, henna and a liquid such as hot water, rose water, tea , coffee or more lemon juice.

According to the models, the henna tattoo represents flower motifs or more abstract in the mandala style . Depending on the country and culture, this decoration has a different meaning even if the aesthetic refers to femininity and seduction . In Arab or Indian cultures, the henna tattoo is also worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony.

Henna tattoo: application and duration of the tattoo

The henna tattoo requires a particular technique concerning the design of the paste, the application with or without a stencil, and the realization of the drawing.

It is possible to buy ready-to-use henna paste but if you want to do it yourself, just mix henna powder with a liquid (rose water, tea, coffee, lemon juice …).

For the henna to stick well to the skin, it is advisable to add a little sugar or honey to the preparation. The natural color of henna varies from brown to orange but you can add a few drops of essential oil such as Tea tree or Cajeput to obtain a darker henna. Leaving the henna on with heat also allows you to have a darker tattoo.

Henna is applied with a plastic cone, a brush or a needleless syringe depending on the precision desired for the realization of the design.

Then, cover the tattoo with plastic wrap or cotton strips and leave the paste on the skin for at least 1 hour . If you want the henna tattoos to mark better, darker, and stay on the skin longer, you’ll need to leave it on for several hours or even overnight .Then, all you have to do is remove the dry henna paste by gently scraping with your fingernails or the blunt part of a knife blade. Be sure not to apply water to the tattoo for the first 24 hours to allow the color to develop.

In general, the duration of this temporary tattoo extends from 2 to 3 weeks , depending on the exposure time and the quality of the henna.

Which henna tattoo model to choose?

Generally, the henna tattoos lends itself rather to flower or mandala patterns, or even both. The goal is to decorate the skin with a feminine and elegant pattern, which resembles lace .

If the usual color of henna is orange-brown, there are white or black henna tattoos . These two colors are more rare, especially white henna, and bring a touch of originality.

henna tattoo for a bride

Henna tattooing is a tradition that exists in several Eastern countries. It is a decoration of the hands and/or feet, made with henna paste. It is done for certain occasions such as a wedding ceremony.

A henna tattoo on the inside of the hands

One can make a henna tattoos design on the inside or outside of the hands.

A henna tattoo design with flowers

It is possible to opt for different henna tattoos designs. The flower is also a very used motif.

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