March 31, 2023

Lipo Laser – a revolution in body contouring


Lipo Laser is an important advance in body contouring. Lipolaser involves liquefying the fat, tightening the skin and removing the liquefied fat using a special micro-suction cannula and it is considered an advanced technique for removing excess fatty tissue from parts of the skin. body resistant to diets and exercise.

The surgeon artistically shapes the body using laser technology that delivers a specifically calibrated laser beam to act on the cells containing fat. This technique causes less bruising and less blood loss, allowing for an easier, faster and more comfortable recovery, as well as providing better results than more traditional liposuction.

This advanced technique allows for the reduction of the localized adipose tissue due to the specific effect of the laser which produces a thermal and mechanical effect provoking the rupture of the fat cells membrane, converting them into an oily emulsion which is then passed through a microcannula. sucked.





The best candidates for Lipolaser are individuals who are physically active, in good health, of normal or near-normal weight, and have realistic expectations.


Lipolaser is considered the ultimate technique to reduce fat and tighten the skin in many parts of the body including the face, chin and jawline with a smooth and fast recovery. Lipolaser is not a treatment for the obese.


The lipolaser treatment can in most cases achieve the following:


– Body shaping

– Reduction of fat

– Cellulite reduction

– Skin tightening

– Immediate results

– Suitable for all skin types


During the consultation, the surgeon will advise the patient on the best treatment for the body contours to meet the specific needs and to ensure that the patient gets the best possible results

Patients who have large amounts of fat are unlikely to see dramatic results from one lipo laser treatment, however in some cases, repeating the procedure will achieve significant fat reduction with a tighter skin.


Benefits of Lipo Laser:

There are many advantages of lipolaser compared to traditional liposuction, as lipolaser liquefies the fat allowing smaller gauge cannulas to be used to aspirate the liquefied fat and giving patients an easier and smoother recovery with minimum interruption, as one day after the procedure. you can work and exercise again after a week.


The photo-thermal effect of the laser has also been shown to coagulate blood vessels, reducing the risk of bleeding and patients having minimal bruising, swelling and discomfort after the procedure.


The procedure usually takes one to two hours to perform, depending on which areas of the body are treated and how much fat is removed. A small incision will be made to introduce the laser cannula to liquefy the fatty tissue and tighten the skin and to allow a small vacuum device to quickly and efficiently remove the liquefied fat.

In the small areas with fat accumulation, one has a very good result in a short period. About 40-50% of fat reduction is visible immediately after treatment and within 2-3 months they can see significant results with fat reduction and tightened skin.

Lipo laser can be used in different parts of the body

Almost all areas of the body can be aesthetically improved thanks to Lipolaser. During the first examination, the patient has the option of treating one or more zones simultaneously. To achieve optimal results, the doctor will indicate the areas, and in which order they should be treated to ensure the best body shape.

Which areas can be treated with the Lipolaser?

There are many areas of the body and face that can be successfully treated with laser liposuction. Some areas may require more treatments than others.

targets problem areas such as the lower back and stubborn bra fat.

Pubic bone – Removes the stubborn fat mound above the pelvic bone. This is a common complaint in men and women.


Lipolaser is a popular method to remove stubborn and obvious belly fat.


Fights fat deposits on the inside of the knee.


Upper arms:

Sagging upper arms, often referred to as “bingo wings,” can be successfully treated with lipolaser, which tightens the skin.


Removes a double chin. This is often combined with lipolaser in the neck for an even more dramatic effect.


Defines the contours and firms the skin, helping to turn back the clock on the aging process.


Private Mediclinic uses the most advanced Laser Lipo technology, which is equipped with the most advanced safety functions, the Smartsense and the thermal guide.

The SmartSense delivery system contains an advanced microchip called the Accelerometer, which is placed in the intelligent handpiece and delivers equal amounts of laser energy throughout the procedure, eliminating the risk of nicks and irregularities in the skin and leaving skin smooth and toned.

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