March 28, 2023

Socks and stockings : fundamental in the wardrobe of each (and each of us) of us, in recent times they are experiencing a ” fashion ” declination that until a few years ago they did not have.

Socks: not only useful but… fashionable!

Yes, because, as many of you ask and ask, it seems that socks are back in fashion ; or, better, since we all wear socks with sneakers, closed shoes and boots, socks are no longer relegated to a useful accessory but to be kept hidden, but have become a real fashion habit, with which to play and indulge in combinations !


A habit:

A habit that, however – I know because you wrote it to me several times in the comments on social media – does not like it and does not convince everyone : ok that socks are in fashion, but some find that, worn with sandals and heels, they are anything but elegant.

On the other hand, there are those who, like me, do not use them often but appreciate their versatility and above all appreciate the ability of some girls to wear them and combine them with practically everything without ever missing a beat: not an easy task, since sock, especially when they are short at the ankle, they have the ungrateful ability to shorten even the leanest leg.

Italian fashion blogger elena schiavon

Here on the blog I had worn them in a sleek look : Prada essential thin ribbed sock and statement sandals and most of you were horrified!


Terry socks with heels:

But, if you want to try to get the socks out of the drawer of the sock reserved for sneakers and boots to wear them with sandals and heels, how should the socks be combined and above all which types of socks are better to choose to be fashionable?

Fashion socks: comfortable but… how to wear and match them?

Also thanks to the return of the athleisure trend (get ready, because we will see around many white terry sock combined with stiletto shoes, as you can see in the photo above) and the big trend of wide fishnet sock (with their corresponding short sock version) , let’s try to understand together how to match socks and what type of shoes to choose to create a particular mix that does not make us turn up our noses.


Fashion tip:

wearing sock with sandals or with open shoes allows you to make sandals and summer shoes “transitional” and to wear them even when it’s not really hot.

Fashion socksWide Mesh Socks :

We’ve talked extensively about wide mesh fishnet sock and there is also a short-sock version of course. Wear these sock with essential black sandals or elegant black slingbacks to make them less grunge (on Asos you will find a wide selection of fishnet socks ).

Fashion socks applicationsSocks with decorations and applications :

short sock decorated with stone applications and important embossed embroidery go well with simple pumps, black or nude, even with medium heels. Avoid combining very flashy and important shoes and sandals with sock with stone applications.

Socks flat shoesBright-colored ribbed socks :

wear it with ballet flats or mid-heels with a retro flavor. The glitter shoes or the flat velvet ballet flats with a strap closed by the button are perfect: but pay attention to your age, because this mix is ??very Lolita and slipping into the “out of place” is an instant (here you will find some pink ribbed socks ).

colorful fashion sockNeutral-colored sock with brightly colored sandals and décolleté (and vice versa): if you wear red shoes or sandals with colored straps, choose a pair of simple sock, perhaps ribbed, in basic and neutral colors such as gray , blue, black.


Fashion glitter socksGlitter Socks :

In recent years, glitter-type sock have become very popular. They have a very winter flavor that binds a lot to the holiday season, but if you like them also wear them to give new life to the black sandals that you are tired of wearing and want to renew (at this link you can find many glitter ankle socks ).

If you are still not convinced or are not inspired, in the gallery you will find many ideas on how to combine sock with shoes and sandals with heels: then let me know on social networks if you have tried this combination and what do you think!

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