March 26, 2023
sleeveless jacket

When you are told sleeveless jacket you immediately think of a Uniqlo down jacket to slip under your coat in winter. It’s very practical but not really up to date. At the moment, what makes fashionistas vibrate are coats, blazers and sleeveless leather jackets. These pieces usually reserved for the mid-season are making a place for themselves under the greyness of winter. Still undecided about this? We let you see for yourself!

sleeveless jacket

The sleeveless jacket or coat lightens the look and is an excellent element to wear in layering. Because it leaves the arms bare, we prefer to associate it with other very warm pieces. Rock the cashmere sweater, the leather jacket combined in tone on tone like Anette Weber who proves that the ultra-long sleeveless jacket is a challenge to wear but is so hot!

The sleeveless blazer is a spring essential

Get ready to see a wave of sleeveless blazers coming next season. The ideal look: a rather long but sober sleeveless blazer , accompanied by an original shirt. We prefer it white, but the color is also allowed, with puffed, embroidered or beribboned sleeves. The goal: to highlight what’s underneath and give importance to the basic blouse.

sleeveless jacket

A sleeveless fur coat?

Since the sleeveless down jacket exists, why not the fur version? The it girl Mariya Nishiuchi proves that wearing her fur sleeveless is not as incongruous as it seems.

sleeveless jacket

On the contrary, rather than a shapeless mass, we warm up her look without weighing it down. It’s up to you to wear this coat with bare arms or not!

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