March 31, 2023
silver necklace

Are you wondering how to match necklaces to clothes ? Are you about to go out for an evening with your friends and don’t know how to match a necklace to your outfit ? Don’t worry, don’t panic. In this article you will find useful tips and tricks to know how to combine silver necklaces and dresses . We will see together which is the most suitable necklace to enhance a neckline, which is the best necklace to combine with a ceremony dress, in short, you will find some practical tips on how to match necklaces to your clothes .

silver necklace
silver necklace

Clothing and accessories, in this case our beloved necklaces, must be chosen very carefully taking into account one’s style, colors, and the occasions in which they will be worn. Often accessories in general are underestimated or do not pay much attention to us in choosing the right accessory, but remember, they are actually fundamental components of every outfit as they can determine the success of your look, make it more elegant or chic, retro or modern, enrich it and add character to an outfit that at first glance may appear simple.

After this premise, let’s get to the heart of our tips!

silver necklace

How to combine necklaces with clothes: balance


Password to match necklaces to clothes ? Equilibrium! When it comes to matching accessories to your outfit , knowing how to balance the accessory with the type of clothing worn is of fundamental importance. For example, a very important necklace of large dimensions and with many eye-catching details would have to be coordinated with a pair of small earrings so that our beloved necklace becomes the undisputed star of the outfit. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to wear a pair of important earrings, we recommend that you opt silver earrings for a simple necklace without too many details. to make your look harmonious.


How to combine necklaces with clothes: the jewel for every body


An important feature to consider when choosing which necklace to match is the size of the necklace. The necklaces, in fact, must be combined with the physical appearance. So remember that long necklaces slim the figure and choker necklaces shorten it. It is better to avoid very long necklaces if you are very thin because they tend to slim the bust. Thin necklaces, on the other hand, risk not being noticed on a robust body and in this case it is better to opt for medium-sized and not too narrow necklaces.

silver necklace

How to match Silver necklace and neckline:


When choosing the necklace you need to pay attention to the type of neckline of your item of clothing, because each neckline has its own necklace! How? Keep reading!

If you wear a turtleneck, or a turtleneck sweater, you prefer long necklaces perhaps with some pendants and charms. With the V-neckline, on the other hand, choose thin necklaces and if the V-neckline is deeper, opt for models that follow depth. Or again, if the neckline is round, you prefer very short necklaces such as collier, chocker and chokers. On the contrary, if you have worn a sweater with a boat neck, heart or band, choose an important jewel that enriches your décolleté in an elegant way.

Another rule to keep in mind is that a dress or a shirt with a collar should always be enhanced with a crew neck, perhaps enriched with beads or special decorations. If you wear a patterned dress, you can pick up the main color of the garment with the necklace, to give continuity to your look. If, on the other hand, the dress is simple and in a solid color, the long and thin necklace lengthens the bust and gives harmony to your total look.

silver necklace

How to combine gold and silver necklace:


This mix in fact gives light and freshness to your outfits. Have you surely noticed among the most followed celebrities, influencers, fashion experts the use of more jewels of different finishes such as gold and silver? Yes that’s right, in the last period, in fact, this combination has become a real trend and we also want to be fashionable, right? Well then, without falling into exaggeration, green light for the mix of  silver necklace and bracelets in gold, silver, titanium and antique brass.

silver necklace

How to combine Silver necklace and formal dresses


Ceremony in sight? In first place among the most suitable jewels in case of special occasions, ceremonies, weddings or gala evenings, necklaces in gold, silver or necklaces adorned with precious stones because, even if they are considered great classics, they are at the same time very versatile and lend themselves to any look.

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