April 1, 2023
Party Outfits

Tick ​​tock, tick tock… The clock is ticking and the hottest Party Outfits  of the year is approaching! The New Year is double or nothing: either you spend it in a small group with your loved ones or you put on your 31 to go party. If you’re more of the type to celebrate the New Year with great fanfare, you’re probably already wondering what outfit you’re going to wear for the big night. And with all the fashions of the moment, not easy to see very clearly. We take stock of the most fashionable evening looks trends of the season!

Party Outfits

The neo-eighties dress

The puffed sleeves, the ruffles, the ultra-short, the iridescent fabric… No doubt, the 1980s are here. For evening trends, we also dare to use garish colors such as fuchsia and green or even the asymmetrical shoulder and velvet. New Year ‘s Eve will be disco or it won’t be!

Party Outfits

transparent fabrics

Tops and dresses go transparent! The veil pieces are worn over neutral or ultra sexy underwear (it depends above all on your desires and your modesty). Bonus point if the garment is dotted with rhinestones like on this dress worn by Elsa Hosk at the Revolve party . Even more daring: wear your transparent top with a hot bra and jeans. It’s casual, sexy and glamorous at the same time!

Party Outfits

The lamé jumpsuit & Party Outfits:

Another must-have of the season: the lamé jumpsuit that changes from the classic dress. We wear it in seventies fashion with wedge boots or more modern with heeled sandals. The models of lamé jumpsuits for the New Year are varied but we have a small preference for those with sexy openings on the stomach or in the back.

Party Outfits

The sequined pants

Surprise ! This season’s little newcomer, the seventies pants take on a dance floor look with their sequin version. We find sequined pants today almost everywhere and we gladly wear them with a white or black shirt or a neutral bodysuit to let them shine brightly.

Party Outfits

The sequined dress and Party Outfits:

Unlike pants, the sequined dress remains the unbeatable evening outfit that you could wear year after year without ever getting tired. We like it short or long, black or coloured, wraparound or with straps… In short, if you’re not the type to take risks, the sequined dress is your ally for a trip to the new year in style!

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