March 27, 2023

Apply the color black in your interior

Black gives your interior a chic, sleek, contemporary and stylish touch. You can give the walls a lick of black paint, but you can also go more subtle and integrate black into your interior by means of black accessories, such as a vase, tea light holder, cushions, plaids, ornaments and flower pots.


Play with different materials and colours. For example, next to a black ornament, place a gold vase. You will see that the black flattens out slightly and the gold comes out even more beautifully. Use both matt black and glossy black accessories, this creates an exciting mix and, despite the sober color, it never gets boring.


Other colors

Are you looking for some more color? Check out our other color guide about the terracotta color , old pink , petrol or maybe taupe is something for your living room? Be inspired and choose colors that match your style.


Paint the walls black

You can go in so many directions with black paint: from a totally black wall to black color areas.

With a completely black wall you make a statement. But it also creates a lot of peace in the room. Choose a wall that receives sufficient light, otherwise it can become too dark and the room appears smaller than it is. With such a totally black wall, clean lines come into their own, they give a special and beautiful effect to your interior. For example, a white, sleek cabinet or geometric, white plant stand stand out nicely against a black wall.


Black color areas

The color black lends itself perfectly to colored areas on the wall. These color areas are a good solution for those who want to use black in a small room, because this way the whole thing does not become too dark. Play with shapes and paint, for example, a black circle, square or triangle or make black panelling.


Black accents

Only paint the parts of the wall black that you want to give an accent or contrast. For example, be the only one to paint the wall of the fireplace black to make it stand out more.


Black panel

Don’t want to paint the wall black right away? Then paint an MDF panel black and place it in the desired place. The advantage of such a panel is that you can place it in a different place every time.


Black chalk paint

Paint a wall strip with black chalk paint. This gives a nice matte black effect on the wall and the best thing about it is of course that you can chalk on the wall. Hand letter it and make the most beautiful handmade works of art.

The most beautiful black accessories for the home

Black accessories add more accent and power to your interior. Go for:



Black steel doors

An absolute trend that naturally fits well with an industrial interior, in a Scandinavian interior the black steel doors give the soft space more spice. Of course you can also just paint your existing doors and door frames black. Slightly more subtle, but no less trendy, are matte black door handles that give a standard white door a dose of guts.


Black eye-catchers on the wall

Hang black frames on a white wall with beautiful black graphic prints, drawings and quotes. This way you immediately make the white or other neutral color wall a lot more interesting and it also looks stylish and elegant! Also nice to hang up, the decorative baskets are made of seagrass with a black print. You see these a lot now and give your interior a nice boho atmosphere.


Black ornaments and accessories

Black decorations give your home a personal touch and ‘finish’ your interior. Go for a stylish black vase and use a brightly colored field bouquet as a contrast. Or go for a playful wink in your interior and put a black, porcelain pineapple on the sideboard. Store magazines in a black crate, plant plants in a black pot, hang a matte black concrete-look clock on the wall or go for black lighting.


Black accessories for the sofa or chair

Black cushions made of velvet or wool, but also black, coarse knitted plaids and black furs give your interior a boost of softness and cosiness.


Accent and power in the house with the color black

Black Furniture

Black furniture comes in a variety of styles and shapes. They make your interior powerful. The sleek matte black sideboards, black sofas with black legs, coffee tables with matte black tops and black steel legs and black metal TV furniture are popular. Super handy: you don’t easily see stains on black furniture. Fabric on the other hand…


Black window frames

Where white frames were the standard before, you now see more and more black frames. Depending on your living style, this can give your interior a classic look or an edgy look. The black makes your windows stand out more and creates an exciting interplay of lines that gives the room more character. When you look outside, it seems as if you are looking out through beautiful frames.


Black shutters

Black shutters on the windows make the space fresh and stylish. The shutters suit a rural as well as a modern and industrial interior. The black shutters draw attention to the windows and make them a larger part of the room. This also applies to other black window coverings, such as blinds and velor curtains.


Black base

A simple and subtle way to add more black to your interior is to choose black table legs or bases. This gives the dining table a completely different look with black legs, just like the coffee table and sofa and armchair or chair with black frame.

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