March 27, 2023

One of the main and most evident is the loss of skin tone:

Over the years, the skin loses the elasticity it had in youth and begins to take on a sagging and flabby appearance.This process is often most noticeable in the face and neck area. While it is not possible to go back in time, loose neck skin at 40 you can still be proactive and apply various home and medical treatments to reduce or prevent sagging of the skin in the neck.

Stimulates the facial and neck muscles:

There are several types of exercises that offer a good mix of stretching and training for the muscles of the neck and lower face. Repeat these once or twice a day, so that this part of the body becomes stronger and appears more toned. [2]

Place one hand on your forehead

He applies some pressure while keeping his head from moving forward. You should feel the muscles in your neck contract. Hold this position for about 10 seconds. Then, place your hand behind your head and push back to create pressure; again, hold the position for another 10 seconds.

Sit with your back straight.:

Tilt your head back so that your chin is pointing towards the ceiling and keep your lips closed. She starts moving her mouth as if to chew. You should feel the facial and neck muscles working. Repeat about 20 times.

Sit still with your back straight and tilt your head:

so that your chin is pointing to the ceiling, keeping your lips closed. This time, you pursed your lips as if you wanted to kiss someone. Repeat the exercise twice. You should feel similar sensations to the first exercise, but in this case you actually move different parts of the neck and face. [4]

Be especially careful when doing this exercise, as you may strain your neck. Lie on the bed with your head dangling over the edge. Slowly and carefully lift it up to bring it towards your chest, using your neck muscles. Always moving slowly and gently, then bring it back to its original position. Repeat about 5 times, but stop immediately if you feel pain.


Avoid making repetitive facial expressions;’

Certain facial movements and expressions, such as tilting the head in disagreement, can weaken neighboring muscles. Pay attention to the facial expressions you tend to repeat, in order to keep the neck muscles firmer for a longer time. [6]

Every time you use your facial or neck muscles, a groove forms under the skin. When the skin loses elasticity over time, it is no longer able to fill this “groove” and a permanent wrinkle or “drooping flap” is created on the neck.[7]

Eat a healthy diet. There is evidence that a nutrient-rich and well-balanced diet can protect the skin. [8]By avoiding “junk” and unhealthy food, you can keep wrinkles and loss of elasticity at bay. [9]

Foods rich in fats and sugars slow down cell turnover.[10]Make a commitment not to eat overly fried or sugary foods.

Choose foods rich in vitamin

A and beta-carotene; Include fruits and vegetables, such as raspberries and carrots, in your diet to stimulate the formation of new cells for healthier skin.[11]

Yellow and orange colored fruits and vegetables have a high content of vitamin A and beta-carotene. These elements, combined with the intake of a lot of water, increase cell turnover; as a result, the skin remains healthier and it is more difficult for damage to occur due to blocked pores.[12]

Opt for foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as nuts or olive oil, which help keep the skin hydrated.[13]

Remember that unhealthy foods

“take up the space” that you should devote to healthy loose neck skin at 40 and essential foods to get all the vitamins and antioxidants needed to promote healthy skin.


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