April 1, 2023

What is the “personalized” mail delivery service and text mail subscriber. However, the topic we have focused on the most is undoubtedly registered mail . In this context, we have also explained to you what an inventory notice is, how to recognize the sender and therefore the content of a letter, such astrack down a registered letter  or how to request expedited shipping through the registered mailservice This article, on the other hand, we will dedicate to the registered letter without envelope , a particular type of registered letter that does not require the inclusion of documents to be sent in the envelope. We will explain in particular what are the advantages of this solution and how to implement it in practice.

Because the registered letter without an envelope

First of all, did you ask yourself why we focus on the  registered mail service? Well, there are many reasons: it must be said that the universal service of ordinary mail, to be clear, the one that makes use of the classic postage stamp and traditional mailboxes, is now only used to send bills, advertising communications, various information , etc. . It must also be said that in communications between individuals, ordinary mail is increasingly being replaced by emails, text messages, online messaging services, chats and various applications.


Registered mail with text mail subscriber

on the other hand, has legal value , therefore it continues to be used to forward formal communications for which the sender needs not only to prove that the communication has been sent (this proof is provided by the receipt issued by the post office ), but also the date on which the same message is received by the recipient (the proof in this case is the white postcard returning to the sender). So use registered mail if you need to cancel your lease or pay TV subscription; or if you have to send a warning to your new energy supplier who is late in activating the supply; or if you have to settle your customer who does not want to know to pay the invoice.

As mentioned, if by registered mail you also request the return receipt, with the delivery of the letter in the hands of the recipient, you will also receive the postcard containing the date and signature of the person who received it.

At this point you will ask yourself: why on earth resort to the registered letter without envelope  or ” in sheet “? Those who think that the registered letter without an envelope represents only an ecological choice or a way to save on the paper bag (white or yellow that is) is very wrong. This particular type of registered letter has an extremely important utility, which is why it is preferred for sending communications that must not be contested in any way. By reading the next paragraphs you will understand better what we mean, so that you can more consciously choose whether or not to use this service the next time you have to ship.


Registered mail without envelope what it is

The registered letter without envelope is a particular shipping system that the sender uses when he wants to avoid possible disputes about the content of his communication. In fact, by always sending the same communication by registered letter, but in a closed envelope, the risk to which one is exposed is that the recipient claims that he has received the envelope, but that inside there was no communication reported by the sender or that the same it consisted of a single sheet and not of 5 sheets as claimed by the sender.


To help you understand better we will give you an example:

You are the owner of an apartment rented to a student who has not paid the rent for 3 months. You decide, therefore, to send him a payment reminder via the classic registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. After a week, you receive back the paper slip that indicates the delivery of the message. From that moment another month passes, in which you do not receive either the amount of the rent or reply to the registered letter. At that point you go personally to the tenant, who tells you that he received the registered letter from you, but that there was only a blank sheet inside it. How can you prove otherwise? You can not.For this reason, all important communications, which contain special requests that must not be contested in any way by the person who receives them, registered mail without envelope .

Registered mail without online envelope

Many people would like to be able to send registered mail online, easily, quickly and securely, just like with regular e-mail. In reality it is possible to send a registered letter with Poste Italiane while remaining comfortably seated on the sofa. How to do? It’s simple, just use the ” On Line Registered Mail ” service. All you have to do is register an account on the official Poste website (www.poste.it) or download the “Postal Services” application available on the IOS (APP Store) and Android (Google play) operating systems.


And who wants to send a registered letter without an envelope online text mail subscriber? Also in this case there are online services, managed by private individuals, who take care of preparing and sending the registered letter without an envelope on your behalf.

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