March 30, 2023
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How to get rid of lime on glass in the shower

Bathroom cleaning

Glass doors in the shower niche are beautiful as long as they are transparent, but lime and soap residue can quickly accumulate after a walk under the shower.Although you are careful with the swab, it often takes a little more to keep the glass completely shiny clean.

Fortunately, we have created a step-by-step guide to removing lime from glass in the shower stall.

Prevention is better than treatment. Therefore, scrape and dry the shower cubicle, faucet and shower head after use each time. How to prevent the lime from starting to settle.

glass cleaning

Hard water? Soft water? How to remove lime on glass?

How hard you have to work when you want to remove lime from glass depends on the hardness of the water. Water hardness depends on how much calcium and magnesium it contains. The greater the concentration of these minerals, the harder the water.

In Denmark, the vast majority have hard water – however, there are a few places in Jutland where they have soft water. Lime deposits occur more quickly in areas with hard water, which can be seen on limescale deposits on fixtures, sinks, and glass.

Remove limescale from shower enclosure ** glass – procedure **

Wipe the glass with a clean cloth to remove loose dirt first.

Spray a descaler such as Cif on glass doors and always follow the instructions for use, as it may be mandatory to wear rubber gloves or other safety equipment. Also remember to have good ventilation in the bathroom (open doors and windows).

Use a soft scouring pad to scrub the affected area.

Finally, rinse the shower stall with the shower head and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Here you can also use a window scraper first and then wipe afterwards with a dry cloth.

Alternatively, both lemon juice or household vinegar (half water, half vinegar) can also be used to remove small areas with light limescale deposition e.g. on faucets and around the soap dish.

Glass Clean

Remove lime from shower cubicle ** , faucet and washbasin often **

How to prevent limescale from sticking and your bathroom will look good for a long time. In addition, there is money to be saved if you keep up with the descaling, as lime binds to soap, so you have to use larger doses to remove the liming.

Hard water more often requires descaling – in some places in the country daily.

Use a descaler like Cif or alternatively a lemon to get the limescale to life.

Keep up with the descaling so that limescale deposits do not accumulate, thus making it difficult to keep the glass in the shower cubicle shiny clean.

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