April 1, 2023
Nipple Piercing

The nipple piercing is the most popular erotic piercing, both for men and women. You can see it as a beautiful body decoration, but the nipple piercing is also very functional in intimate situations. In this article you can read more about the eroticism of the nipple piercing, practical information about getting it done, and a bit of background information. Read our article on intimate piercings if you want to know which types are possible.

How is it set?

The nipple piercing is placed in the nipple itself. Because the nipple can retract, the piercing is placed as close to the areola as possible. The areola is the colored patch of skin around the nipple. Usually the jewelry is placed horizontally, but any direction is possible. You can even have multiple piercings in one nipple.Have a nipple piercing

When piercing the hole, it is important that the nipple is properly disinfected. The place where the piercing should be is then marked with special ink. After that, the piercer will hold the nipple with a special clamp. Once it is in place, a needle is inserted through the nipple, and the jewelry can be pulled through.

Nipple Piercing

Female breast with nipple shield

This piece of jewelry can be a barbell (a short bar with a ball on both sides), or a captive bead ring (a ring with a ball). After healing, it can be replaced by something else, for example by a nipple shield (a barbell with an extra decoration around the nipple).

Does a nipple piercing hurt?

The nipple is a very sensitive body part. You can feel the prick of the needle quite a bit, but it generally goes away quickly once the piercing is in. The nipple will then be a bit sensitive for a few days, although this does not have to be unpleasant. The stimulating effect of the nipple piercing works immediately.

There are ways to ease the pain during the setting. Piercing is basically done without anaesthetic, but you can ask about it in advance. If you are very afraid of the pain, it is best to get the best information from the piercer. Our piercer is open to all your questions, will reassure you and tell you what you should and should not do. Thinking about the pain always makes it worse anyway, so think about the pleasure you’ll get from your piercing a little while later.


Aftercare and healing

After putting on the nipple piercing you will almost immediately notice the stimulating effect. It is important not to go too fast, and to take good care of the piercing. A full recovery takes an average of three to nine months. During that time, the wound must be kept clean. Use the instructions and aftercare products that are included in the price for this.

Good aftercare prevents the piercing from being rejected or inflammation from developing. In severe cases, an infection can lead to breast removal (in a woman) or other serious health problems. This is uncommon, but for these reasons it is very wise to follow the piercer’s grooming instructions. If problems do arise, please contact the piercer or doctor as soon as possible. With prompt treatment, the risk of serious problems is small.

Nipple piercings and breastfeeding

As a woman, you may wonder whether a nipple piercing hinders breastfeeding. With poor healing, the milk ducts can become blocked by scar tissue, but if the piercing is done properly and heals well, there are no problems. The mammary glands are not affected, and the tubes remain free to let the milk through. In principle, you can even keep the piercing in while feeding, but it is strongly recommended to take it off for a while. Your baby may have trouble sucking or hurt his mouth because of the jewelry. In severe cases, the piercing can even come loose and pose a choking hazard.Female breast with captive bead ring, nipple piercing

However, it is not recommended that the piercing is regularly removed during healing. For this reason, nipple piercings are not used on pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is therefore very important for women to choose the right moment for a nipple piercing.

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