April 1, 2023

Retail Packaging Boxes


Eco-friendly retail packaging:

There is a clear shift visible when it comes to packaging in the retail sector. Packaging must be functional, preserve freshness as best as possible, and at the same time make the contents look attractive. In addition, there has been increasing discussion about plastic packaging in recent years. Carrier bags in particular have been a major point of discussion. That is why we offer more sustainable solutions, such as paper carrier bags in different sizes produced from white or brown paper.


In addition to plastic carrier bags, bread and fruit bags are also a point of discussion. We also offer more environmentally conscious alternatives for this, such as cellulose or paper bags. Paper bags with a transparent foil are also possible with us.



Customized retail packaging boxes:

Our full range of retail packaging is quite extensive and extensive, both Not For Resale and for in-store use. If you are looking for sustainable packaging material, products or different packaging, we can support you with customization. We would be happy to present you a tailor-made proposal, tailored to your wishes and requirements, and, if desired, provided with your own company logo.


Waste handling paper cups:

Do you use paper cups in your stores? We have built a beautiful sustainable concept around this. Cardboard cups with a PE coating are given a new life as hygienic paper.


How does it work?

Customized retail packaging boxes UK

A special waste bin is placed at every location and in the offices in which the coffee cups are collected.

The coffee cups are collected from you by one of our relations and taken to the factory where the PE coating is separated from the paper.

The paper is used to make hygienic paper.

The plastic coating is used for products in the automotive industry.

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