March 31, 2023

Do you also have hip dips? Here are 6 clothing tips!

As the title suggests, you are not the only one who has a body with hip dips . They may be there, but you might feel more confident like me in an outfit that emphasizes the curves you love. That’s why here are clothing tips for everyone with hip dips!


You don’t have to hide:

Let me start this article by saying that you don’t have to hide your body and curves. If you feel good in loose clothing, that is of course completely fine, but it is a shame if you hide your body in everything that is as wide as possible due to insecurity. You can be there! And by emphasizing the points of your body that you like, you walk a lot more confident in your outfit.


Focus on the waist:

I wish I’d discovered this sooner: clothes focus on the waist. You create a nice picture of an hourglass figure with it, and yes, that also applies if you think you have less or no defined waist. Don’t be too hard on yourself!


hip dips emphasize waist:

Two easy examples: a dress with a waist belt or high-waist pants with a slightly loose fit, such as mom jeans (with a nice belt). Man, mom jeans saved my life. Ever since I discovered those things, I’ve never touched all my skinny jeans with a finger and later even threw them out the door.


Shapewear for hip dips:

There is special shapewear for hip dips! The idea behind it is very simple: they are a kind of pants with a light padding on the side. The filling fills the hip dips and tadaah! Gone hip dips.


There is also shapewear without filling for hip dips, which ‘tighten’ your figure, as it were, but it really differs per person how that turns out. For me it just puts more emphasis on it because everything including hip dips is pushed together.

Choose pleats:

The idea behind this is also nice and simple: the pleats fall optically over the hip dips, making them a lot less noticeable. A dress or other piece of clothing can still be quite tight, without your hip dips being the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror.

Buying a size bigger also sometimes helps: because a piece of clothing is a bit looser, some pleats arise automatically with the same effect.


Underwear matters:

Tight-fitting garments in particular show off your figure as it is emphasized underneath. If you wear underwear that cuts into the hip dip and emphasizes it, you can see that through certain garments. You don’t need special underwear for this, just underwear that is not too tight and preferably just above your hip dips.


Hip dips and dresses:

We keep on throwing tips that are practically very easy: dresses! The only dresses that don’t diminish the appearance of hip dips are those that are very tight around the hips. They actually all help.

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