March 28, 2023

Having ‘sunken’, puffy and dark haloed eyes is a very common problem. In fact, both women and men of any age can say that they have suffered from it at least once in their life. under eye fillers gone wrong, Just sleep a little less, spend a few hours in a smoky environment, indulge in some food addiction or overdo alcoholic beverages to wake up the next morning with so-called dark circles or bags under the eyes .

Bags and dark circles under the eyes: two different and often confused blemishes

“They are two very common skin defects that affect the most sensitive part of the face: the eye contour . Here the skin is thinner and more delicate and therefore much more exposed to the appearance of bags and dark circles – explains Professor Di Pietro -. And even if these are two disorders that affect the eye area, and therefore often confused, it is good to specify that they have different characteristics and are caused by different factors “.


Dark circles: what they are and causes

Dark circles appear as a bluish-gray halo of the skin under the eyes, caused by:


excessive dilation of the capillaries under the eyelid;

a buildup of melanin .

People with an olive complexion suffer from it more often: the melanin concentrates on the skin around the eyes, making it dark. But they can also appear in those with fair skin. In this case, the reason is often a slowed microcirculation in the capillaries.


Bags under the eyes: what they are and causes

The so-called ‘bags’ manifest as a swelling of the skin under and over the eyelid , caused by:


an increase in the amount of orbital fat that normally surrounds the eye;

a buildup of whey and water between fat cells.

This condition is caused by a loss of tissue elasticity, which increases with the passing of the years and is favored by poor lymphatic and blood circulation “.

Temporary or permanent: the factors that cause them

“Both dark circles and bags can be a passing disturbance, or mark the eye contour permanently. To cause transient dark circles are for example:


insufficient hours of sleep ;

too many coffees ;

food excesses ;

physical and mental  stress.

On the other hand, permanent dark circles are defined in those who have a particular anatomical conformation of the sub-eyelid area , in these cases they appear already at a young age and tend to become even more accentuated if you have an unregulated lifestyle.

As with dark circles, transient bags also appear for:


lack of sleep ;

physical and mental fatigue;

incorrect nutrition .

However, when the swelling becomes constant , it can be caused by thyroid disorders , heart disease, kidney disease and eye inflammation “, continues the specialist.

Natural remedies: cold, good sleep and friendly foods

“There are some simple and good habits that can help reduce dark circles and bags naturally. First of all, it would be advisable not to expose yourself to excessive heat sources , for example, tanning lamps. The heat, in fact, only worsens the problem, as it acts negatively on the microcirculation and further dilates the capillaries.


The cold , on the other hand, can help reduce swelling and sunken eyes. Against dark circles, good results are obtained by applying a compress with cold chamomile on the eye contour. This flower contains bisabolol (natural chamomile alcohol), which acts on the capillaries, acts as a vasoconstrictor and leads to a consequent attenuation of the dark halo.


Instead, to remove the stagnation of liquids, narrow the vessels and reduce swelling , you can apply an ice cube wrapped in a cloth for a few minutes under the eyes.


Good sleep is also essential to combat these two imperfections. It is therefore advisable to sleep regularly, resting your head on a 2-finger high pillow, so as to avoid blood stagnation in the eye contour area.


A help against puffiness and sunken eyes also comes from nutrition. In fact, there are foods based on bioflavonoids, substances capable of promoting the proper functioning of blood vessels. These are, for example , berries . In addition, foods rich in vitamin C should not be missing from the diet, such as kiwifruit, citrus fruits, peppers and asparagus and vitamin K, for example, grapes, plums, aubergines, cucumbers that strengthen the walls of the capillaries “, explains the dermatologist.

The most effective dermocosmetics against dark circles and bags

“Paying attention to the beauty routine is also essential in the case of circled eyes and puffiness. First you should always:


remove make -up carefully in the evening;

on the advice of the dermatologist, apply every day the most suitable cream for the type and severity of the blemish “.

The creams

“Excellent are those containing Fospidina (phospholipids and glucosamine), a regenerating compound derived from soy and shellfish that contributes to the production of collagen (protein that gives tone to the skin) and elastin and promotes the regeneration of skin tissue. Fundamental in the daily diet, but also in dermocosmetics are vitamins K and C , which strengthen the microcirculation and prevent the blood vessels from clotting. As an eye contour, creams with glucosamine are recommended, which restores greater capillary elasticity ”, adds Professor Antonino Di Pietro.

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