March 22, 2023
Conch piercing

A Conch piercing is a form of body modification in which the cartilage of the ear is pierced to show jewelry. Also known as cartilage piercing, this type of ear piercing can involve the inner or outer shell of the ear. Rings, barbells, and other metal jewelry are generally chosen for this piercing.


The Conch piercing process is usually done with some sort of sterilized needle or gun. Many people opt for the needle, as piercing guns cause more errors than accurate needles. Unlike many forms of body modification, a shell piercing has little or no risk of being rejected by the body or being displaced. After the initial perforation, the pierced area can be stretched to accommodate large jewelry.

Inner Conch piercing

Inner Conch piercing occurs when a person has the innermost shell of their ear pierced. This part of the ear is adjacent to the ear canal. Outer shell piercing is the result of piercing the flat outer cartilage of the ear. As the pierced area heals, many people choose to wear simple barbell pieces.

Drilling process:

During the drilling process, a clamp is typically used to hold the area in place. The artist marks the area before piercing it with a straight needle. The puncture is performed while the person receiving the piercing exhales.

Healing period:

The healing periods for Conch piercing  vary depending on the person receiving the body art. If the directions for treatment are followed, healing is generally faster. This piercing requires two cleanings with antiseptic solution every day during the first two weeks. Infection can occur if the wound is not treated properly.

Aside from cleaning, the piercing must not be touched. Some aches and aches are typical. Discharge from the wound can still occur for three to six months after the piercing. If the wound becomes infected, consult a doctor.

Conch piercing  is considered a simple procedure. Most of the body modification artists can perform this piercing. No specialized equipment is required and no awkward body angulation is required. The procedure is generally safe, although mild hearing loss may occur due to the altered shape of the shell.

Many people become dizzy after receiving a Conch piercing. This feeling can often come from body art. Some people even fall into unconsciousness. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to have a small meal before engaging in body modification.

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