March 30, 2023
blazer dress

It’s blazer dress season , it’s hard to miss the phenomenon. The jacket usually worn in offices and classrooms by teachers has become one of the trendiest pieces in recent years.

Checked, colored, mid-length, leopard… The blazers dress can be dusted off and worn day and night. The classic blazer now gives way to a long model that it-girls were quick to wear as a dress. Do we dare or not?

blazer dress

How to wear the blazer as a dress

The most essential rule for being able to wear the blazer as a dress is obviously the length of the piece. Ideally, it can be worn as a dress when it reaches mid-thigh or a little longer if it is belted.

If your blazer is too short and reveals your buttocks, we have a tip: wear cycling shorts underneath. You will never have looked so much like Bella Hadid !

blazer dress

What shoes to wear with the blazers dress?

Good news, there is no specific prescription for those who want to wear the blazerss dress. The latter adapts completely to your style. From trainers to city shoes to waders, it’s a bit up to you.

blazer dress

It all depends on your personal style and the occasion during which you will wear this outfit, if you wear your blazers dress for a ceremony then prefer a small heel or a pair of mules.

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