April 1, 2023

7 major benefits of advertising in Google

In our Multi Funnel Marketing strategy we often use advertising in Google in addition to the other activities. In this article we will discuss the benefits of advertising in Google.

  1. Long reach

Google is the world’s largest search engine, both on desktop and mobile devices. In the Netherlands we also see that by far the most people search via Google. In the past year, 95.6% of Dutch users searched via this search engine. Bing was in second place with only 2.25% of users.

What a difference! Because so many people use Google as a search engine, it is certainly interesting to advertise via this platform. You simply get a huge range with this. In addition to the Google search network, you can also advertise on the Google Display Network: a collection of more than two million websites, videos and apps that are connected to the Google network.


  1. Fast switching and fast results

One of the biggest advantages of advertising in Google Ads is that it is a very dynamic platform. This way you can easily create and set up an account and the advertisements are immediately visible from that moment on.

This way you can have an online presence today with ads in Google! Changes you make to advertisements are also immediately visible, so that you can easily switch. This can be very useful for promotions or seasonal products, for example. Do you temporarily want to put more emphasis on a certain product? Then you can, for example, set up a separate campaign or put more budget on it.


  1. Maximum Visibility

Paid ads are displayed in various places in the search results and of course also at the top. No matter how high you score in the organic resultsCompetitors can always rank above you in Google with paid ads. When you are visible in both the paid and organic results, you ensure that you stand out more and that there is also less room for competitors.

In addition, more and more people today have a mobile and perform searches from a mobile device. Because a mobile screen is smaller than a desktop screen, fewer search results are visible in comparison. Since the paid ads are at the top of Google, they are immediately visible on mobile devices. This means that you are often only visible on mobile devices when the visitor scrolls down. One way to respond to this is therefore to advertise in Google.


  1. Specifically targeting your target audience:

When you advertise in Google, you can indicate which target group can see your ads. In this way you can focus very specifically on a target group that is relevant to you. For example, you can set the search queries for which your advertisements should be shown, so that you only reach people who are interested in your products and/or services.

You can also indicate in which regions you want to be visible or you can choose special target groups based on demographics, interests or life events. An interesting addition to Google Ads is the option to show people who have previously visited your website an advertisement again. This is called remarketingand the effects of this are enormous. With the use of remarketing you give potential customers an extra reminder to choose your product or service.


  1. Availability of a lot of data:

A lot of data is collected in Google Ads, which you can also link to other Google programs, such as Google Analytics. You can find out exactly which keywords or ads are driving conversions and what the average costs of these conversions are. Google Ads also gives you insight into regional performance, performance per hour of the day and more. All this data can in turn be used in analyses, from which interesting findings can emerge. You can also continuously adjust your campaigns based on this data.


  1. Convenience:

An additional reason to advertise via Google is that the system is becoming more and more user-friendly. For example, you can use smart bidding strategies, where Google adjusts bids to, for example, get as many conversions as possible.

This means you need less knowledge yourself and you don’t have to adjust the account as often. We have had good experiences with various smart bidding strategies and have noticed that Google’s algorithm is getting better and better at predicting the customer journey. Google also offers the possibility to set up dynamic advertisements, whereby the search engine scans pages and shows advertisements when a relevant search query comes in for you. We do of course recommend that you regularly adjust dynamic campaigns using negative words.


  1. Pay for results:

One of the biggest benefits to end this blog article with is the Google Ads payment system. You pay with Google, in many cases, namely per click on your ad and you have full control over your budget. Thanks to the pay-per-click (PPC) system, you only pay for people who are interested in the products and/or services you offer. These people click on your ad and are then taken to your website.

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