March 30, 2023

Autumn Joy Sedum:

Group planting centered on stone-crop is recommended because it can be enjoyed for a long time in the coming season without any hassle. Collecting the same kind of sedum with different leaf colors … It’s okay if you drain well even in the hot and humid summer ..

In fact, even though it is called ” Autumn Joy  Sedum“, it is a very diverse plant with many unique varieties. Speaking of sedum in Japan, is it the first plant that you can imagine, such as stonecrop?


Besides, giraffe, crassulaceae, and sedum as a succulent plant are already familiar, but most of the varieties are short.

As it grows, it fills the garden space with pale green leaves softly and densely, so the garden itself is neatly tidied up and yet has a rich atmosphere. Even though it has such wonderful characteristics, I feel that it is not so common in Japan ..


It is very popular in the English garden and is very common. That is Sedum Spectabile and Sedum Telephonium.


There can be no gardening shop that this sedum does not sell, and there are various gardening species only in Spectabile, so it is so diverse that you can get lost.


And I think that the reason why I don’t see many of them sold in Japan even though they are from China, South Korea, and Japan is that most of the horticultural species currently on the market have been improved in the UK.


And after all, it seems that there are many horticultural species that are in a state of reimportation, which are sometimes found in Japan. Therefore, some varieties are a little vulnerable to summer stuffiness.

In general, sedum is a plant that is native to more than 400 species in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, but Spectabile is a plant that withers above ground even in such a cold winter with a lot of rain and a winter garden covered with thick frost. It withstands the cold and sprouts very beautiful shoots from around mid-April.


The beauty and joy of coming out of the ground during this period really inspires the gardeners who grow these plants.


Seeing this makes me feel like, “Come on! I’ll pull out the weeds thoroughly today!” The venerable Yado Negusa has just awakened to the ground! I have such an impression. You can see the same thing every spring not only in Currently, I plant such Spectabile in the garden below Tokyo or grow it in flowerpots.


From spring to early summer, I grow up in exactly the same atmosphere as in England, but in the summer, something happens. The year before last, an abnormal outbreak of small green worms occurred. Last year, after a long rain in autumn, I enjoyed potted plants until late autumn, but I think it was difficult to plant them in the ground. When I thought about it, I wondered if all the 8 plants planted this spring And last spring showed beautiful sprouting! After all it is a strong plant. He is a strong man who always confronts adversity and wins at the end.


Especially north of Kanto, it seems to be okay up to about -15 degrees Celsius during the winter. Please try it if you see it somewhere. In fact, if you plant plants that are resistant to dryness, you can enjoy beautiful group planting in a container.


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