March 30, 2023

Let’s face it: Aren’t we all a little bit in love with an anime or manga girl at some point in our lives? If you came across this quiz, I’m sure you did! Anime girl are often almost perfect with a little twist. Some may look like an angel, but go crazy within seconds, for example. That’s what makes her charming to us. And there are girls of every description: cute girls, young girls, mature girls, wild girls, you name it! So if you want to know which anime chick suits you best, don’t hesitate any longer and take this quiz!


Hot Anime Girls:


There are a ton of really hot female anime characters out there, aren’t there? Like Nami from One Piece, Akeno from Highschool DxD or Asuna from Sword Art Online. But everyone finds something different attractive. This quiz takes your own preferences into account. So what are you waiting for? Take this fun quiz!


cute Anime girls:


Some people prefer cuteness over hotness because that’s what they find attractive.

I was told that on my blog there were only guys, which is totally normal for me, so I decided, to fix it, to make a top 15 female anime girl characters that I appreciate. Of course in my general classification they should not arrive very high but I like them all the same. So make way for the girls!

In n°15: we have Mirai Kuriyama, the heroine of Kyoukai no Kanata whom I love for her cuteness, her awkwardness and her end. And then when she gets down to it she’s a pretty good fighter.

In 14th: we have Tsukumo de Karneval whom I only love for her beauty I admit. She is not very strong but has beautiful feelings, is too cute with Nai but above all she is beautiful! If I was attracted to girls that would be totally my type!

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