March 26, 2023

Air conditioning no longer Cools

If an air conditioning system no longer cools properly, this can be due to a number of causes. We list these and what you can do about them.

An air conditioner is a device that alternately evaporates and liquefies a special refrigerant (R134a or R1234yf). The evaporation creates cold; that is simply a property of this liquid. The cold air is blown into the car through the dashboard. The vaporized gas is further compressed into a warm liquid (up to 80 degrees Celsius) further down the system, after which it can be cooled again, first by the wind and then by evaporation.


Electrical problem:

An air conditioner that no longer cools may have an electrical problem or a battery problem that prevents the air conditioner from working properly . The most common causes are:


Batteries no longer work or are low:

there is a problem with the appliance’s electrical supply;

the electrical circuit / switch to which the air conditioner is connected no longer works;

the timer function is on;

Split air conditioner works with an indoor and outdoor unit. There may be a problem with the outdoor unit that prevents cool air from being circulated inside.

Coolant problem:

An air conditioner uses a refrigerant for cooling. The coolant ensures the cooling of warm air. If there is too little refrigerant, the air conditioning will no longer cool the rooms properly. Topping up your air conditioning is the best solution.


Clogged water drain

Condensation water in the indoor unit must be discharged outside through a hydraulic drain hose. It is possible that the drain is clogged by pollution, causing leaks . Poor drainage leads to poor operation and reduced cooling of the air conditioning.


Insufficient cooling capacity

Provide an air conditioning configuration and air conditioning installation that meets your requirements. Provide sufficient cooling capacity to cool the rooms at the temperature you wish. The installation of under-dimensioned air conditioning units will ensure that the air conditioning does not cool sufficiently. Choose an appliance with sufficient cooling capacity . Warm working and living spaces that require a lot of cooling will usually be equipped with fixed air conditioning and not with mobile air conditioning.


Clogged filters:

The indoor unit of an air conditioner sucks in the warm air. This is usually dirty, causing the filters in the device to clog over time. Because an air conditioner is a closed circuit, sufficient warm air must be drawn in. If the filters are clogged, have an air-conditioning service performed.


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