March 30, 2023


As soon as the sun’s rays show themselves and the temperatures are pleasant, But a refreshing summer drink is also delicious when you are on vacation or spending a summer day in the garden. I personally prefer a cold special beer or a fresh Sauvignon Blanc. Still, I sometimes alternate these drinks with a summer cocktail when I’m on vacation. Such a cocktail is probably part of my ultimate holiday feeling… But which cocktail meets that holiday feeling? I enlisted my cocktail-drinking sun-worshipping friends and asked them about their favorite summer drinks with coctail recipes:


  1. Peruvian Piscos

Pisco is the ingredient for a successful summer drink. Think of the divine summer cocktails Pisco Sour, Chilcano, Capitan, Tropical Point and Pisco Point. And all with Peru’s national pride, Pisco, as an ingredient. But what is that ingredient? It is a strong drink and a composite of Peruvian and Spanish culture. It’s almost impossible to get more summery! And cocktails with this ingredient can no longer only be drunk in Peru, the good cocktail bars in the Netherlands also know the Pisco’s!


Are you curious about the compositions of the aforementioned five Peruvian cocktails?


Pisco Sour: Pisco, lime juice, sugar syrup, Angostura bitter, egg white and ice cubes (a favorite among Peruvians);

Chilcano: Pisco, Ginger Ale and Lime (sounds like a summer party!);

Tropical Pisco: Pisco, Aperol, grapefruit juice and fresh mint (mmm… sun where are you!?)

Capitan: Pisco with Vermouth (fortified wine with aromas of plants and herbs);

Pisco Point: Pisco, apple liqueur, anise and a bitter

Tip: Are you a lucky guy who will soon be traveling to Peru? Then do a Pisco route that starts in Lima, travels past the cities of Ica and Arequipa and then ends in the southern towns of Moquegua and Tacna. This Peruvian route combines culinary delights, adventure, nature and history.



  1. Aperol Spritz

The old time favorite is Aperol Spritz. And for that we go from Peru and Valencia to the Italian temperament. The orange-colored drink already looks summery and if you like the combination of bitter, sweet and spicy, it is a perfect drink for a sultry summer evening. The Aperol Spritz is served on national and international terraces, but do you go for this summer drink in the garden? Watch the video how to make the best Aperol Spritz.



  1. Gin & Tonic Passion Fruit

Gin and tonic, G&T, ‘All you need is Gin’ and ‘Gin o’clock’. The Gin and Tonics have been a favorite for a long time and that in all kinds of variants. But how about the Gin & Tonic Passion Fruit? This is one of the recipes, but much better still drinking it at a Gin & Tonic bar.


Gin (for example, Bulldog);

Tonic (eg Mediterranean Fever Tree);

1.5 passion fruit per person;

lime juice;


sugar water;

Lime for garnish.

  1. Lychee Martinic

The summer variant on Martini is the fresh Lychee Martini with the same classy look. Lychee is quite sweet, which is why some lime is added in the following recipe.



30ml vodka;

15ml Cointreau;

45ml lychee juice;

3 fresh litchi.


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