March 31, 2023


Windows 11 is the big news coming for all lovers of the Windows world. Pending its final release, you can subscribe to the Windows Insider program , for developers, and update your Operating System to test the new features that will be offered to the public. So let’s see 10 Tips and Tricks for Windows 11 .


Preliminary information

I always want to underline that, for a correct activation of a Windows Operating System it is necessary to do a clean installation with a 100% original license. This is to avoid data loss, enjoy Microsoft updates but above all to avoid hacker attacks. I am aware that the prices on the official Microsoft Store are very high and for this reason I have selected for you a reliable, Italian site with very advantageous prices.

1-The Snap Flyout

This is a very useful new feature of Windows – if you work with multiple windows open, this will make your life easier. With multiple windows open, once you have passed the mouse at the top right (of a single open window), on the square-shaped symbol (the one that, when pressed, opens the window to full screen), you can select a specific layout. Depending on the selected layout, the windows will be arranged in a given way, with the main one in the foreground and the others selectable at your choice. To understand this, if you have 4 windows open, hover the mouse over the “square” symbol at the top right of one of these and you will see a series of layouts. Then select one and the windows opened at random will arrange themselves neatly according to our will.


2-Shake to shrink (shrink)

When you work with multiple windows open and want to minimize all windows except the one you are working with, you don’t have to physically minimize all other windows. Just select the window in which you are working with the mouse (holding down on the upper bar of this one), shake it and all the other windows will be automatically minimized. To make the windows reappear, shake the window again and they will reappear. The setting is disabled by default, but you can enable it by clicking on Settings, Multitasking and Title bar Windows shake, then slide the switch to “on”.


3-Virtual Desktop

You can create several virtual desktops to manage your work: to create a virtual desktop, you can click on the button in the shape of a black square with a transparent square overlaid, on the taskbar (next to the lens), the new typical Windows 11 bars in low in the center. Then click on “New Desktop”. You can change the background of the new virtual desktop by right clicking on one of these (after clicking on the icon at the bottom of the application bar) and selecting “Choose background”. This will help you to distinguish the various virtual desktops created.


4-Align the taskbar to the left

If you don’t like the new center-aligned taskbar , you can change it: to do this, right-click on the taskbar and select “Taskbar Settings”. Here, in Customizations, click on “Taskbar”, then on “Taskbar behaviors” on the right, and in the taskbar options department, on the right, expand the drop-down menu and choose “left”. All applications will be moved to the bottom left .

5-Automatic Focus Assist

This option allows us to silence notifications and stay focusedon our work. To configure it, go to Settings, then to “Focus assist” (on the right) and in “Automatic rules” set the notification silence times and adjust all the other settings (including that of “do not disturb” while playing). You can call up this option by clicking on the bottom right where you see the WiFi symbol (to call up the options panel) and then clicking on the half moon symbol.


6-Cloud Clipboard History:

You can use clipboard history to paste multiple items at once ! To enable this feature, go to Settings and then “Clipboard” (on the right) and slide the switch to “on” next to “Clipboard history”. To open the clipboard history panel, then press the Windows logo at the bottom left of the keyboard + the V key. Then select the clipboard you want to paste from the various sections. You can synchronize the copied clipboard with the other connected devices by enabling the “Sync across your device” function in the dedicated settings (Settings> Clipboard).


7-Your Phone App

You can use this feature to receive calls and text messages on your PC . With some Windows and Samsung devices you can also move files between PC and Smartphone . You can call this feature by clicking on Start (the Windows flag in the taskbar) and typing “your phone” in the search bar at the top.


8-Record your Game

Similar to what you could do with Windows 10 thanks to the “Xbox” features, you can record the screen as you play , using the built-in game bar. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo button (bottom left) + the G key. You can take a screenshot or record a window. By doing this, however, you can only record games and not the desktop screen !

9-Built-in video editor

You can use this built-in Video Editor App , to edit your videos. You can cut, split clips and insert 3D effects. You can call up the App by clicking on the Windows symbol in the taskbar and typing “Video Editor” at the top of the search bar.


10-Keyboard shortcuts:

To open the Settings, press the button with the Windwos logo + I

To open the contextual start menu , press the button with the Windwos logo + X

To start Windows Explorer , press the button with the Windwos logo + E

To open the Operation Center, press the button with the Windwos logo + A.


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